Living Earth is a magical place located in the beautiful region of Poland Kaszuby, near a nice swimming lake called Morzycz. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, 14.5 hectares of land surrounded with our own trees, with more being planted every year, creating a special, natural enclave in which we promote healthy living, permaculture and nature farming. Here birds and other wild animals choose to live with more and
more every year.
Lash and diverse plantlife, organic veggies and fruit trees, herbs, honey and the company of our friendly animals create perfect conditions for relaxing and maintaining direct connection to nature. Our guests will find peace, silence, community, and privacy here.





The history of this place that is now called Living Earth began in late 1999 with Kasia and her friend Janusz buying an old farm. There was a small, old dilapidated farm house and ruins of old barns, a handful of old trees and four swamps full of rubbish. The fields around it were bare and depleted, due to exposure to strong westerly winds. During the following three years, the rubbish was cleared, ponds were made and a deer-proof fence was built around the central area to protect all the trees that had been planted. The construction of the main house was finished in 2003 and, two years later, a farm building was constructed, but not finished.

In 2012 we (Kasia and Karl) bought Janusz’s half of the property. We appreciate all of Janusz’s hard work with re-structuring the land, planting and caring for the trees and organizing the building work.

In 2014, we moved onto the land after our seven-year adventure in Findhorn Community in Scotland. With the companionship of Caesar (the farm dog) and great help of our wonderful woofers, we continued to develop the land using permaculture ideas and solutions, e.g. planting more windbreaks and learning what works on this land. Soon, new inhabitants joined us: horses, pigs, chickens, ducks, two cats, two new dogs, gees and bees. For all our new residents we constructed new wooden stables, chicken mobile house, a winter shelter for poultry, a bee area with workshop and a apitherapy room, and a large vegetable garden to help feed us, our family and friends.

The year 2019 was eventful for us at Living Earth. We transformed the farm building into a retreat centre and named it Bungalow. A beautiful large clay combustion stove with a goanna sculpture was created in the dining room, which became the Heart of Retreat space. Our first workshop in Bungalow was Yoga Closer to Nature, which took place in August 2019, thus starting a new chapter in the history of Living Earth.



Since my late teens I have been engaged in personal growth and spirituality. Having lived in a Gurdjieff community for four years, a re-birthing community, and being involved in an array other spiritual traditions, transpersonal approaches, Qigong, and other healing modalities. These and other experiences like working as a community mental health worker have given me a depth of knowing one’s internal life and an ability to be with it.

I love nature and spent alot of time in my childhood exploring the local forest in the outer suburbs of Sydney, Australia. Later as an adult I lived in a small cabin in the rainforests in Northern NSW emerging myself in nature and feeling the power of the landscape. At this time I got to know some of the local indigenous people which deepened my respect for their approach to life and connection to the land.

I have often felt and witness the separation and loneness of modern western life, with all the phycology dysfunctions it tense to encourage. I perceive the possibility of living in a more mature society that respect cultures, individuals, and the nature. Creating ways of living and systems that encourage health, co-operation, and co-existence for all life on this amazing planet, The Earth.

I invite you here to Zywa Ziemia to explore and feel into ways and changes needed for oneself and society to support the change required to live in a more peaceful and respectful existence. Not Now included in website now!

I am is a trained as a “Teacher of The Alexander Technique”, completed a Diploma in Psychotherapy. and a certificate of Ayurvedic Medicine.